Agenda in Reykjavík

Agenda for the InformNorden & Nordic Lokaltraffik 2020 in Reykjavík Iceland. The Agenda is a subject to change.

Day 1

Time LocationSubject
17:00Hilton NordicaExhibitor setup
20:00Reykjavik City hallWelcome reception

Day 2

Time Location Subject Speaker
8:00Hilton Nordica, exhibition areaRegistration + coffee
9:00Hilton Nordica, conference halls A and BOpening of the ConferenceTBA
9:15Hilton Nordica, conference halls A & B Plenary session 1 – Digital FutureModerator: Mari Flink, HSL
  1.1 – Key note – The value of data – turning a PTA into a data factory Bernt Reitan Jenssen, Ruter
  1.2 – TBATBA
  1.3 – MaaS – the actual experienceJemina Uusitalo, HSL
  1.4 – PT in a digital future Krister Dackland, CIO SL
10:45Hilton Nordica, exhibition areaCoffee break
Welcome in the exhibition area
Exhibitors battle
11:30Hilton Nordica, conference hall AIN session 2A – How “IT”-projects changes businessModerator: Kerkko Vanhanen
  2A.1 – Ticketing in Skånetrafiken Mariell Hallenhed, Skånetrafiken
  2A.2 – Realtime data in Movia Lars Thiesson, Movia
  2A.3 – Management of IT services in the future Tuomas Mikkola, HSL
  2A.4 – How we use IT to prepare to deliver on our mission; “Sustainable mobility” Karoline Mortensen, Ruter
11:30Hilton Nordica conference hall BNLTM session 2B – Is BRT the answer?Moderator: Per Gellert, Movia
  2B.1 – Where is BRT heading? John Hultén, K2
  2B.2 – BRT planning in ReykjavíkLilja G. Karlsdóttir, Borgarlínan
  2B.3 – The experience so far in TrondheimTBA, aTb
  Panel discussion (15 min)
13:00Hilton Nordica, Exhibition areaLunch
14:00Hilton Nordica, conference hall AIN session 3A – ITxPTModerator: Kerkko Vanhanen
  3A.1 – ITxPT – now and in the futureAnders Selling and Jemima Woolverton, ITxPT
  3A.2 – Why and how – experiences from PTA Terje Storhaug, Ruter
  3A.3 – Why and how – experiences from PTO TBA
  Panel discussion (15 min)
14:00Hilton Nordica, conference hall BNLTM session 3B – Sustainable PT in a changing climateModerator: Jens Plambeck, SLL
  3B.1 – TBATBA
  3B.2 – Moving from a linear to a circular value chainKristin Holter, Ruter
  3B.3 – Preliminary results of the Nordic life cycle assessment for purchase of zero emission busesVictor Hug, Movia
  3B.4 – HSL strategy for change to new e-technology buses Petri Saari, HSL
15:30Hilton Nordica, exhibition areaCoffee and refreshments
16:00Hilton Nordica, conference halls A&BPlenary session 4 – Designing PTModerator: TBA
  4.1 – TBATBA
  4.2 – Service design in HSLJarno Ekström, HSL
  4.3 Customer involvement result in better solutions! TBA
  Design awards nominationsSL
19:00Bryggjan BrugghúsConference dinner & Design awards

Day 3

Time LocationSubjectSpeaker
9:00Hilton Nordica, conference hall AIN session 5A – Passenger Information – version 2.0Moderator: Kerkko Vanhanen
  5A.1 – We’ve had realtime information for more than a decade – where do we have to improve, and how? Stine Bay Michelsen, Movia
  5A.2 – Turning complaints into insightMaria Engebretsen, Ruter
  5A.3 – TBATBA
  Panel discussion (15 min)
9:00Hilton Nordica, conference hall BNLTM session 5B – Celebrating and learning from failures Moderator: Jarl Eliassen, Ruter
  5B.1 – Infrastructure projects -how to learn from failures Karin Svingby, SL
  5B.2 – Learnings from demand responsive transport projects Tero Anttila, HSL
  5B.3 – How to make design work! Lessons learnt Christian Nordström, Ruter
  5B.4 – Lessons learned about major changes Camilla Struckmann, Movia
10:30Hilton Nordica, exhibition areaCoffee break
11:00Hilton Nordica, conference AIN session 6A – Open source, open data – sharingModerator: Kerkko Vanhanen
  6A.1 – The strategic importance of data Johan Gjærum, Ruter
  6A.3 – Open source experiences in HSLSami Räsänen, HSL
  Panel discussion (15 min)
11:00Hilton Nordica, conference BNLTM session 6B – The importance of Nordic cooperationModerator: Jari Paasikivi, LMJ
  6B.1 – Result of the government decision about a Swedish national ticketing system Gerhard Wennerström, Samtraffiken
  6B.2 – The fusion of Rejseplanen and Rejsekort into one app Claus Rehfeld Moshøj, Rejsekort
  6B.3 – Contactless payment in Finnish PT Juha Ranta, LMJ
  Panel discussion (15 min)
12:30Hilton Nordica, conference hall AClosing of conference and welcome to InformNorden 2021 in Oslo
12:45Hilton Nordica, exhibition areaLunch in the exhibition area – or grab a lunch bag

Friday – Optional

At 14:00 Busses will be outside Hilton NordicaBlue to to to the Blue Lagoon and / or The Golden Circle depending on participation.